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Sleeping Systems – Not Just A Mattress!


What sort of bed do you sleep on?

It's a crucially important part of life—sleep—but arguably the most important element of the quality of your sleep—your bed—doesn't get enough consideration! For us, your bed is one of the most important things. At Transforma, we live and breathe beds, and we've become expert in one particular type of bed—the 'European Sleep System'.


What is a European Sleep System?

The European Sleeping System is the predominant form of bedding in Europe, accounting for 80% of all bedding sold! It's called a system, because it is a two-part paring of a mattress, with a sophisticated slatted base. This is in contrast to the typical Australian approach of pairing a basic pillow-top mattress with an ensemble base, or rigid pine slatted base.


Adjustable Comfort

The European Sleeping System features individually adjustable support slats, which allows us to tailor your bed to your precise comfort requirements. By simply adjusting a tension slider on one of the support slats, you are able to literally target any part of your body to get a firmer or softer feel. For example, if you need extra support in your lower back, this area can be targeted by adjusting the springs in the corresponding region to a firmer setting.

This means that regardless of your unique body shape, size and weight. you are virtually guaranteed of getting the correct comfort and support that you need. Contrast this to the traditional bed-buying process, where you need to select your bed from a 'one size fits all' approach. With Our European Sleep System there is no such pressure, you simply tweak the firmness as you need it to get the bed just right.


Eliminate 'Partner Disturbance'

Have you ever been bothered by your partner moving in bed, feeling the whole mattress wobble or shake? Our European Sleep System removes traditional wobbly springs from our mattresses to virtually eliminate 'partner disturbance' completely.

This is achieved by separating the adjustable slat units into two halves—giving each person in the bed their own adjustable slat system—keeping any movement to each persons own side of the bed. You will sleep deeper, better and longer when you are not disturbed by your partners movements.


Sleep Cool

The European Sleep System is known for it's excellent ventilation properties, which help to regulate temperature in the bed, and keep you cool. Looking at the cross-section of the mattress, you'll find vertical and horizontal ventilation channels that force air through the bed every time you move as you sleep. Hollow-fiber fill just beneath the outer cover wicks perspiration from your body to ensure an even more comfortable and dry sleep.

While it may sound complex, this system is based on more than fifty years research in Europe and is a highly effective, yet surprisingly simple system.


All this, with a beautiful bed...

Your bed must be supportive and comfortable, but we also know that it must be beautiful! With this in mind, you can rest assured that our famous European Sleep System can be used in all Transforma beds, and remains completely invisible within your bed frame.

European Sleep System Feature Snapshot

  • Individually Adjustable Comfort
  • Eliminates Partner Disturbance
  • Excellent Ventilation Properties
  • Removable, washable outer cover to reduce allergens including dustmites
  • Long-lasting
  • Motorised Option for Reading in Bed