Lighting in your home isn't just about illumination. It's about contrasts, depth, and drama. Sometimes one beautiful, subtle source of light can completely change the feel of a room, and completely change the way you and your family feel.

Table Lamps

Enhance your home with a designer table lamp from our lighting brand partners Gubi and Flos. Select from our collection of contemporary a classic table lamps for your bedside table, desk or hallway.

Floor Lamps

Illuminate any area in your home with our stylish selection of designer floor lamps from Gubi and Flos. A well selected floor lamp adds warmth and character to a space, and practical task illumination for reading.

Ceiling & Wall Lamps

Explore our collection of design wall lamps and stylish ceiling lamps from Flos and Gubi. Whether you need to provide the primary source of light for a room with a ceiling light, or add the warmth of an accent light with a wall light, our range will inspire.


Pendant lamps as a central point of interest in your room, or hung as a feature over as dining table or a kitchen island bench - regardless of the application, our lighting brand partners Gubi and Flos have classic contemporary designer pendant lights for beautiful space.

Portable LED

Portable LED lamps are perfect for parts of your home that don't have power for traditional plug-in lamps. A portable LED light can even be used as an LED light for your outdoor dining space or as an LED lamp for your outdoor dining area - in fact, a portable LED light or lamp can be used anywhere inside, or outside, your home!