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Sculpting Nature–introducing artist Peter Syndicas

peter syndicas sculpture art

We are pleased to introduce the inspired work of South Australian-based sculptor Peter Syndicas, now on display at Transforma.

Syndicas has an awe-inspiring portfolio of pieces connected to nature. He has perfected the use of bronze, stainless steel and marble through trial and error and the eventual guidance of widely-respected sculptor Silvio Apponyi. Most recently, Syndicas’ work has been exhibited at the 2019 Heysen Sculpture Biennial and the Toorak Village Sculpture Exhibition, alongside his solo show ‘Metamorphosis of Being’ at Hill Smith Gallery. A series of Syndicas’ notable twig sculptures are also on display at EOS Adelaide, the newly opened luxury SkyCity hotel.


Peter Syndicas, The Shady Pool, 2020, Material: Bronze, Price: $6,400

Inspired by the unexpected

As a highly regarded local sculptor, Syndicas challenges our view of the natural Australian environment. He finds beauty even in the seemingly mundane, with twigs forming the basis of his work. After searching for the perfect marshmallow stick on a camping trip, Syndicas realised the human form his whittled twig had taken. This was the beginning of his fascination.


Peter Syndicas, Heysen's, 2000, Material: Bronze, Price: $5000

Photo: Sam Noonan. Courtesy of the artist.

Captivated by nature

Twigs, as Peter describes, are fragile, precious and affected by the natural elements; they are captivating and alluring. He takes a once-delicate piece of nature, stripped off the tree and battered by the wind, and reconstructs it immortally, using enduring materials such as stainless steel, bronze, and marble.

Each piece is significant, individual and special, with the twig’s origin thoroughly considered. Peter searches for twigs in places that hold personal meaning, from Flinders Ranges and Kangaroo Island to the Yarra River, Swan Bay, and even Central Park, New York. The twigs that stand out imitate the human figure, normally accentuating the female form. The final pieces appear to be dancing, stretching, and reflecting languid movements in a striking way.


Peter Syndicas, The Shady Pool, 2020, Material: Bronze, Price: $6,400


Studio views. Image: Nicola Carsiotis. Courtesy Peter Syndicas.


Peter Syndicas, Native Oppression, 2020, Price: $7,500

Scaling nature

First, Syndicas collects numerous pieces from the location and gradually culls these, often returning to the site to find the suitable twig. According to Peter, no rule dictates the final twig, but it is essential to find something unique and arresting. This forms the model, which he replicates ten to fifteen times larger than the original.

As Syndicas notes, “On the one hand, they are magnified reproductions of fragile twigs, while at the same time they display these very expressive abstract human forms… I love that my sculptures allow people to see fragments of plant life as works of art.”


Peter Syndicas working on a commissioned artwork. Courtesy the artist.

Sculpting meaningful connections

Syndicas also works on commissioned pieces, approaching these in much the same way. He believes it is crucial to connect the final sculpture to the owner, so he finds twigs in locations provided, whether for personal, sentimental, or business reasons. Once culled, the top ten twigs are presented to the owner before recreating in bronze, steel, or stone. Syndicas encourages the building of connections to nature, inspiring a considered and purposeful approach to art.


Peter Syndicas, Out of Range, 2020, Price: $2,500


Peter Syndicas, Matador, 2020, Price: $3,300

Experience for yourself

Experience the beauty of Peter Syndicas’ sculptures now on display at the Transforma showroom. Pieces on display are available for sale, private commissions are welcomed. Visit our showroom or call us for more information.