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An Australian Inspired Christmas Table

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Steps to a stylish Australian-inspired Christmas table

Rejoice in the fact that Christmas in Australia is a little different to the rest of the world. Sunshine and heat! Whether you opt for our indoor or outdoor dining for your special Christmas lunch we have provided an outline how to create a simple and effortless Australian-inspired table setting.

A sidestep to the traditional red and green we have opted to concentrate on the native and earthy green tones our beautiful country excels in…flourishing foliage and the lushness of the great outdoors.


Collate your table pieces

Relaxed overabundance is the inspiration for our festive table. Foliage used as a centrepiece creates a stunning impression and the smell is amazing!

Consider the style of meal you will be having to select the elements you will place on the table for the meal: plates, napkins, platters, cutlery, bowls and water jugs. We have used warmth of the natural wood of our Archie table in American Oak as our base. You can choose to use a table cloth, place mats or even lengths of fabric (linen or calico) as an alternative. Use the floral greenery to set the colour palette for your table setting.

Understanding that most of us don’t have such large functions on a regular basis you can borrow or collect different crockery to use. Mix and match to create an eclectic and relaxed style. To create a cohesive look ensure your selections have a similar tone, colour or feel. We have alternated coloured crockery sourced from Wheel and Barrow along with black cutlery from Country Road


Choosing your greenery

The look we have produced is loose and natural, allowing leaves to droop onto the table, to create a stunning yet casual feel. To create maximum impact we have created one centre feature arrangement with fresh greenery as a table runner for food platters to sit amongst.

We have used an assortment of Australian natives: Geraldton wax, Eucalyptus Cinerea, Stirlingia, gum leaves and other greenery that works well with our climate such as Sea Holly flowers, Leucodendron and Berzillia. The key is to use floral and greenery that is native to your area and in season. Not only is eucalyptus in abundance but it will last longer than flowers and won’t wilt in the heat.

Layer your greenery starting with the larger branches first. Slowly fill in the gaps with smaller leaves and flowers. Place your platters on the arrangement as you go to see how things fit. The beauty of this table is that it can be adapted to suit a range of looks–dressing it up or down.

You can obviously pare back the setting using less greenery or have multiple smaller arrangements using an assortment of vases (ceramic and glass), jars or glasses placed throughout your table setting rather than one large arrangement. Restrict the palette of flowers and greenery to avoid over-complicating things.


Create ambiance

Create atmosphere using ambient lighting such as candles and lamps. The soft lighting will set the mood for your festive setting. We have used our By Lassen Kubus 4 candle holders and 265 swivel arm wall sconce by Flos. You can also nestle in a few tea lights amongst the table arrangement to create a warmth and glow to set the festive mood.



Personalise your place settings

Use the leaves you have collected for your greenery as a template for your place setting name tags. Create these by tracing and then cutting around the leaves using brown or subtly coloured card. We have then used raw string wound around linen napkins and a single stem of Eucalyptus Cinerea or Stirlingia to add a personal touch.


Serve a Christmas cocktail

Elevate the occasion and set the festive mood by serving your guests a Christmas cocktail on arrival. We have selected a Christmas gin served over ice to keep things simple.

Christmas Gin with glacé orange

  • 66ml (1.5 shot) Christmas gin
  • 1 Glacé orange
  • Crushed ice or an oversized ice cube

Add crushed glass to a low ball glass, slowly pour the Christmas gin over the ice. Finish with a glacé orange slice (available at most local Foodlands)

Look for these special seasonal gins infused with classic baking spices, which work well with Indian tonics. Four Pillars Australian Christmas Gin, Prohibition Christmas Gin, McHenry Christmas Gin + Bickford’s Indian Tonic + cassia bark.


Of course, the essential ingredient for a wonderful Christmas is to surround yourself with good company enjoying time with your loved ones.

From our Transforma family to yours, we extend you a warm and Merry Christmas and hope you enjoy the well earned break. We look forward to seeing you in 2020!