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Resident Artist - Kerry Armstrong

art kerry armstrong

Kerry is one of Australia's most exciting and respected contemporary artists, and we are so pleased that she has chosen Transforma as her Adelaide "home". Kerry's work is vivid, bold, and ultimately - thought-provoking.


Thought provoking stories told on canvas...

There's no doubt that Kerry's works are visually stunning, but the beauty of Kerry's work is definitely more than just skin deep.

Take the opportunity to read the artist's statement from any of Kerry's pieces, or better yet, have a chat with Kerry herself. It's impossible not to become totally engrossed in the story behind each of her artworks. You'll be left with a deeper appreciation for her work, and an appreciation for this thoughtful woman herself.


Also available as limited edition prints

Kerry Armstrong's original pieces are certainly her most impressive pieces, but her high quality, limited-edition prints, are also worth consideration.

Kerry uses incredibly high-resolution scanning technology to ensure that her prints pick up virtually every subtle nuance from the original piece. In fact, her prints are so good, that most viewers will insist that these pieces are originals until they actually touch the surface of the art.


We like to party...

To welcome Kerry to Transforma, what else could we do but have a party in her honour?

Recently, more than one hundred guests joined us in our Norwood showroom for the launch of Kerry Armstong art at Transforma.

Guests were fascinated by her stories and enchanted by her stunning works.