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Outdoor Furniture - Selecting the Best Material

Styling outdoor furniture

Choosing materials for outdoor design

Beautiful, quality Italian outdoor furniture is about combining impeccable design with superior comfort and, importantly, durability. There are so many different materials that outdoor furniture can be made from - but which is the best?

Raw, durable, wood

For classic, timeless style, it’s hard to go past the natural durability of teak – arguably the world’s best natural outdoor furniture material, and perfectly suited for use in Adelaide's harsh climate..

Solid Teak wood is a naturally oily timber so it resists moisture and doesn’t require treatment, or much maintenance for its lifetime.

Outdoor furniture made from Teak wood will turn silver with exposure to sunlight but this is just the top layer of exposed oil that has oxidized. A wash down of your beautiful Teak outdoor furniture with soapy water will bring your designer Teak outdoor furniture back to its original, golden-brown colouring.



The Forest outdoor chair (pictured below) is made from Aluminium so it doesn’t get hot like outdoor furniture made from stainless stee lcan, and it will simply not rust, even if your aluminium outdoor chairs or tables are situated in a beachside environment!


High Pressure Laminate (HPL)

Our outdoor table tops made in Italy by Varaschin are made in Italy from high pressure laminate (HPL) so they are practically, indestructible. Leading edge technology means that the laminate on these outdoor tables is made to perfectly reflect the natural stone look of marble or quartz.


Woven rope materials

The natural look of woven materials in outdoor furniture adds a beautiful softness to the Varaschin Cricket outdoor chair range (pictured below). But unlike traditional weaves, Varaschin uses a synthetic outdoor material to portray the warmth of rope, with unparalleled durability.

Email us here if you'd like to be advised when our Varaschin range arrives from Italy. It'll be any day now!