What to Love about Marble

An ancient natural resource, marble makes a confident, elegant statement in the home.  

We have recently introduced marble pieces to the Transforma range and we’re in love.

Some people are tempted to add marble to their interior styling but aren’t sure where to start, so this month we’re sharing our tips on caring for marble, why it’s such a beautiful material and how to incorporate marble seamlessly into any room.


Does all marble look the same?

...we just love the unique, naturally occurring features in each individual piece.

Marble is a natural, minimally processed material.

We source our marble from Italy and we just love the unique, naturally occurring features in each individual piece.

Intensive polishing creates the gloss finish on some of our marble pieces while the untreated, unpolished, matte look is also very popular.


How do I care for marble?

Marble is such a durable material, making it easy to care for and maintain.

Marks left by wine glasses or coffee cups on a matte finish marble can be simply removed by applying a household bleach.

Gloss finish marble will sustain a matte mark where any spills are removed, but because the gloss isn’t derived from a lacquer or a coating, your marble can be successfully polished back to perfection (just give us a call and we’ll look after it for you).


How does marble work with the wood in my home?

Because they’re both natural, raw materials, wood and marble make a great partnership.

When paired with marble, timber looks richer and warmer and its earthy character is enhanced.  When contrasted with wood, marble looks cleaner, sharper and more refined.

Marble is also a great way to break up a lot of wood in a room and create a pause for the eye between different timber colours and finishes.


Can I start with marble accessories?

If you’re not quite ready to take the plunge into marble furniture, marble accessories offer a beautiful entry into this space.

A marble tray on a timber sideboard, a marble centrepiece on a timber table, or even a marble clock on your wall — they all create the complimentary contrasts of textures and colours, without the level of commitment!

And once you add a splash of green foliage, you have a beautifully balanced combination of natural, raw materials that breath life and warmth into your home.

Drop into the showroom and browse through our new marble range. We’re always available to answer any queries you have about furnishing with marble and we’d love to hear your thoughts on our Facebook page.