Bath Apartments, Norwood SA

Bath Apartments, Norwood SA

Daring in design, matching contemporary with traditional, The Bath Apartments are a breathtaking place to call home. Every detail considered to create a balanced environment, large balconies designed to bring the outdoors in, full height windows to maximise natural light through every room and a selection of quality materials and colour palettes to set your senses on fire.

Bath Apartments, Norwood SA
Studio Nine Architects
Transforma Design Consultant
Nicola Carsiotis
Conrad sofa by Arthur G, IC floor-lamp by Flos, 925 coffee tables by Rolf Benz, Jensen sideboard by Transforma, Summerset outdoor rocker by Varaschin, On-the-move outdoor side table by Cane-line, assorted accessories by Transforma.
David Sievers Photography

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