Harry Dining Table

by Transforma

Harry Dining Table

by Transforma

Harry is a stunning casual dining table from Transforma.

With its trademark elliptical, angled legs, the Harry table shows fine lines when viewed from the ends, and thick, solid construction when viewed side-on. Gently rounded corners on the table top reflect the soft feel of the legs, whilst a slim, 20mm top reinforces the relaxed nature of the table.

Harry Table Main
Harry Table Main
Harry Table Main
Tim Wood
Lifetime Structural

1800 x 1000

2000 x 1100

2200 x 1100

2400 x 1100

2600 x 1100

2800 x 1200

3000 x 1200

Custom sizes also available

Solid American Oak

Solid American Walnut

Solid Blackwood

Natural matt finish

Custom stains or colors


Harry Dining Table is made to order, please submit the information below to enquire about having one made for you.