Grande Arche Outdoor Bench

by Fast

Grande Arche Outdoor Bench

by Fast
Grand arche bench

Sturdy and squared shapes for a pair of tables capable of satisfying all furnishing requirements, whatever the context. Attractive colour contrasts can be achieved in the extending version: in addition to the standard extension, a second extension is available. If chosen in a different colour, this can lead to unexpected combinations.

Grand arche bench
Grand arche bench
Robby Cantarutti & Partners
2 Years

The Robby & Francesca Cantarutti design studio was established in 1995 in Buttrio (Udine) and focuses on interior design, architecture and corporate image consulting. Attention to detail, formal synthesis and a penchant for fun designs are their distinguishing features.

The studio has completed several projects for both Italian and international furniture manufacturers and has won multiple awards, including the Reddot Award and the European Product Design Award.

The constant exploration of different cultures and lifestyles and of the changes in everyday life has always been at the heart of the two designers’ approach to their exciting, functional and con-temporary projects.

The end result of Robby and Francesca’s work is based on the functional purpose of the completed project, whether this is a building or an item of interior décor, because it is only by pondering about its final context that it can take shape and actually exist.


Grande Arche Outdoor Bench is made to order, please submit the information below to enquire about having one made for you.

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