Coco Counter Chair - Fully Upholstered

by Gubi

Coco Counter Chair - Fully Upholstered

by Gubi
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The Coco Counter Chair is part of the Coco Collection, designed by OEO Studio with a focus on creating a charismatic signature design that offers a high level of comfort. The counter chair borrows references to the industrial simplicity, fashion and the Bauhaus, but the inspiration of the design comes from a desire to create a simple yet elegant chair with minimal use of materials and tools without compromising the design and character. The result is a post-industrial look that is balanced by an elegant silhouette where the soft curves render a feminine and playful touch. The feminine expression is also what has given the counter chair its name Coco, which is filled with character and carries a lot of references. The Coco Counter Chair has its own unique personality and friendly appearance that makes it blend naturally into various settings from pared-down ambiences to grand and refined universes. The high level of comfort is, among other features, expressed in the backrests curvy shape, that embraces and relieves the back of the one sitting in the counter chair. The design also allows the Coco Counter Chair to be both playful and loud to more sophisticated and elegant, which gives the counter chair an almost human character, makes it highly recognizable, enhances its uniqueness and makes it easy to implement in both private homes as well as restaurants, cafes etc.

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Upholstery: Eero Special Dedar 106 / Black Matt Base
$1,499 $1,499
OEO Studio
2 Year Warranty


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