Skynest HP

Skynest: weaving tradition and innovation

Flos Stories

A poetic new lighting solution from Marcel Wanders Studio

The new Skynest pendant lamp marks the Marcel Wanders Studio’s return to the theme of the suspended dome, already explored in their best-selling Skygarden. The name both evokes that previous masterpiece and suggests a nest of light suspended in the sky while the lamp itself is a fascinating union of traditional craft with cutting-edge technology.

Photography Alessandro Oliva

A delicate structure that nonetheless makes its presence felt in any space.

At first glance, Skynest takes the typical shape of a pendant lamp with a central core and what appears to be a lampshade. A closer look reveals that the light emanates from the elements that form the structure of the lamp itself.

The clever modular design ensures sustainability too as Skynest can be entirely disassembled for repairs and recycling.

Skynest is composed of 24 LED light sticks intersected with 48 coloured rods to create an ethereal presence, clearly inspired by the world of craftsmanship yet unexpectedly technological.

The Flos technical department worked with standard materials assembled in a new way and in this sense, Skynest is the perfect representation of design innovation: rethinking the existing and blending industry, technology and craftsmanship. The new Skynest pendant lamp comes in four colours: Anthracite, as opposed to classic black; Almond, to replace traditional white; Brick, as a warm and vibrant option; and finally an elegant version in Tourmaline Blue. The lamp is also available in two variants, allowing for it to be ceiling mounted or suspended.

“Skynest poetically blends the tradition of handcrafted weaving with innovative lighting techniques to create a timeless piece of design”

comments Marcel Wanders Studio on the creative process, which challenges the archetype of bulb lighting and offers a new perspective on woven lampshades by making the basket the source of light. The result is a surprising piece of design and a further bridge between two worlds that are increasingly entwined.