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Designing for smaller spaces

Styling small space

Decorating a small space can often feel like an impossible task–particularly when downsizing from a larger home. With careful consideration, creativity and the right furniture it is possible to create a beautiful space, full of personality, comfort and style that feels much larger than it actually is. We have collated some of our top tips to help you start the process of considering your own petite space

Harness the light

Small spaces can often end up feeling dark due to small or nonexistent windows. Lighting can greatly impact the perceived size and mood of a space. Consider using multiple light sources such as pendants, table and floor lamps and installing dimmer switches to create ambiance.

Consider colour

A continuous colour scheme throughout your entire space helps make a smaller space look larger and less cluttered and will help to direct or reflect light. Tonal walls and floors also create a blank canvas and quieten the visual space whilst also allowing for contrast with the soft furnishings.

You also need consider if there is a lot of hard surfaces, for example in a converted warehouse space, warmth needs to be added – for example with the natural timber surfaces.

When selecting furniture, size does matter

It is a common mistake to think small spaces need small furniture, often leading to a dis-functional and cluttered space. In smaller spaces it is important to go for less but bigger. A small space doesn't mean you should have small furniture. Oversized floor lamps, carpets or art can actually make your room look larger. It is about doing more with less.

It is also important that you don’t push furniture hard up against the walls – it tends to make the space appear smaller.

Maximise space with accessories

Accessories can not only add warmth and personality, but also add depth and increase the sense of space. It is a matter of choosing wisely as to not overfill the space and create visual clutter.

Be sure to make use of reflective surfaces–mirrors can reflect light and make a room appear larger and brighter. With the great selection of mirrors available you can also use them to add personality to your space.

Ground your space with a rug–the one item you definitely don’t want to skimp on, size-wise. A tiny rug will make the room feel equally small. Pick a floor covering that’s large enough so most of the furniture will sit on it, or go wall-to-wall.

Designing a small space is about creating an illusion of more space by using thoughtful and strategic design elements that will enhance the overall look and feel of the room. Contact us if you would like help in designing your dream space.