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Brighten up your winter with new lighting from Flos!

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Light is synonymous with warmth, and good lighting can be the difference between a space that is inviting and pleasant to inhabit or one that is cold and drab (much like the weather we are currently experiencing!).

Flos is one of the world's most distinguished lighting brands. From Italy to Adelaide, their pieces are unparalleled in their unique, avant-garde styling, yet they still bring about a sense of comfort in the home.

More than simply brightening up a room, good lighting can breathe life into space; it helps us to interact with and experience our environment fully.

Such purpose is what guides the designers at Flos to craft their designs, are we are very excited to present to you some of our new Flos pieces, currently on display at Transforma.

New Flos at Transforma:


Chiara Table by Mario Bellini

The 1969 floor lamp has been recreated into a smaller table lamp! Originally envisioned by the great Italian designer Bellini, this iconic light is a cult object for design enthusiasts. It’s perfect for low tables in a room that requires minimal lighting.


Last Order by Michael Anastassiades

This small, finely crafted lamp is unlike anything else in the collection. Solid crystal base, with your choice of finish for the top.

Last Order is a rechargeable device that can last 6 hours at maximum intensity. Originally designed for the legendary Four Seasons restaurant in New York and is perfect for intimate meals or as a bedside light.


Bellhop Table by Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby

Think of this little lamp as your modern-day candle. It’s cordless and rechargeable, so you can take it wherever you please; indoors and outdoors!


Tab Floor by Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby

The simplicity of this lamp is a testament to how practical it is. The simple, folded diffuser can be adjusted to change the light’s direction, making it ideal for writing and sketching. One can also point it to a wall to spread reflected light for ambiance.


Noctambule Floor by Konstantin Grcic

This sculptural light made of hand-blown glass won “Best Lighting Product” at the prestigious EDIDA Awards last 2020. Nearly invisible in the sunlight, the shape is revealed in the darkness due to its warm, glowing rings that result in an ethereal atmosphere.


Coordinates Wall and Ceiling by Michael Anastassiades

If you paid attention in math class, you’ll notice these designs took inspiration from the Cartesian Plane! It is precise, elegant, and adaptable to a wide range of indoor environments, be it on the wall or the ceiling. “Maximum impact with minimal touch” is the ethos of this particular piece.


Belt Ceiling by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec

As the name suggests, the Belt pendant light was inspired by a leather waistbelt. This design is something that is unprecedented in the lighting world and truly a sight to behold – currently on display in our showroom.


Cocoon Overlap by Michael Anastassiades

A Flo's classic that dates back to the early 60s, it is a grand suspension lamp formed like a cocoon. Its diffused light creates a uniquely calming effect that’s complementary for accessorizing larger rooms.

See the new Flos collection in person in our Adelaide showroom at 21 Kensington Rd, Norwood.

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