Sleeping Systems – Not Just a Mattress!

Your Transforma bed is probably unlike any other bed you’ve ever owned before. In fact, it doesn’t do it justice to just call it a bed! We call it a sleeping system.

Our sleeping systems feature adjustable support, which allows us to tailor your bed to your precise comfort requirements. In fact, when you buy one of our beds, you don’t just get a bed, you are provided with a lifetime of support, comfort and blissful sleep with our “Lifetime Onsite Adjustment Service.”

Our sleep system achieves targeted individual support, regardless of your unique body shape, size and weight. Using the latest European designed, adjustable spring slat suspension base, our sleep system enables precise firmness adjustments to each and every part of your body. For example, if you need extra support in your lower back, this area can be targeted by adjusting the springs in the corresponding region to a firmer setting.

While it may sound complex, this system is based on more than fifty years research in Europe and is a highly effective, yet surprisingly simple system.

Quality Sleeping System

Zero ‘Partner Disturbance’ 

Removing traditional wobbly springs from our mattresses virtually eliminates “partner disturbance”. Our unique sleeping system provides independent sleeping surfaces, which means you will feel little, if any, movement from your partner on the other side of the bed. You’ll sleep deeper, longer – better when you are not disturbed by your partners movements

Temperature Control Mattress

Temperature Control 

Our mattresses contain air channels to maximise ventilation and regulate temperature. The mattress cover is constructed with a loose weave and hollow fibres, allowing it to breathe and wick away any moisture – making for a more comfortable night’s sleep. Importantly, the mattress cover can be removed for washing at 60° C – eliminating dust mites and resulting in a more hygienic sleeping surface. For heightened temperature control, consider our ‘Easy Climate’ mattress. An in-built climatic system regulates temperature so the mattress is warmer at the feet end and cooler at the head end – perfect conditions for sleep.

Quality Mattress System

Key Features

  • 12 year guarantee on slat system
  • High strength multi-layered Beech support slats
  • Adjustable firmness in key shoulder-hip region
  • Slats separated across the width of the bed to reduce “partner disturbance”
  • Mattresses made from high-density, ultra-long-lasting cold-foam
  • Engineered air channels in mattress for maximum ventilation for temperature & humidity control
  • Standard mattress cover made from moisture-wicking Tencel fibre for body temperature control
  • Optional mattress covers with additional body-heat reducing features
  • Mattress covers are removable for washing

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