Eighty years of history and passion for design.
Bonaldo was set up almost 80 years ago and specialises in the production of furniture and interior design items: three generations’ dedication and commitment have allowed the company to become a major benchmark in the sector. Bonaldo has always been a solid example of Made in Italy success, even abroad: every component of its tables, chairs, sofas and beds is created in Italy, certified in terms of authenticity and quality and the result of the strictest control process. Versatility and eclecticism are the distinguishing traits of the Bonaldo product range, which is designed to accommodate in the best possible way the wishes of a dynamic and international target.The company has always invested in research both in the production field – with innovative materials and cutting-edge machining processes – as well as in the design sphere, thanks to collaborations with a large number of designers from Italy and abroad. Over the years, Bonaldo has developed its international approach to design, setting up a widespread network across the world markets.

The story of Bonaldo began in 1936, when Giovanni Vittorio Bonaldo started up a craft-based business specialising in metal working. During the 1950s, production began on bedsteads, and it was extended during the ’60s to iron beds. An extraordinary intuition led to the production of a folding bedstead, which went on to become a market standard. The company subsequently specialised in the production of tubular metal and invested in new technologically sophisticated machinery, choices which allowed it to extend its range of products and to implement machining processes at the very cutting edge.
The first time it took part in the Salone del Mobile International Furniture Show in Milan in 1971 marked its transition from a prevalently craft-based business to an industrial concern. In the 1980s, Bonaldo expanded its range with convertible sofas and sofa beds, specialising in the production of upholstery and in the processing of polyurethane foam, by setting up a variety of companies. The company’s further growth led to the production of its first collection of beds.
In 2000, Bonaldo embarked upon collaborations with some of the biggest designers on an international scale, launching the company onto the interior design market. 2002 saw the start of the incorporation of the various companies and since 2008, all productions (tables, chairs, sofas and beds) fall under the umbrella of a single concern, Bonaldo SpA. The Bonaldo showroom – designed by the architect Mauro Lipparini – was inaugurated in 2011.

Bonaldo’s story is tied closely to the processing of tubular metal, an expertise which still distinguishes the company today. The diversification of production subsequently led the company to develop skills in the processing of a variety of materials, from wood – in particular solid walnut and oak tops, treated with special processes which retain the natural appearance of the wood finish – to glass, from stone – mainly Carrara marble and basaltic lava stone – to plastic and natural cement.
As regards the padded products, the company recently renovated and extended its range of sofas and beds, by introducing new models as well as new upholsteries and finishes.

Combining Italian know-how with the creativity of established designers and emerging young talents to create value: over 25 different designers and architects have contributed over the years to interpret the Bonaldo style, including Karim Rashid, Bartoli Design, Mauro Lipparini, Ron Arad, Toshiyuki Kita and Alain Gilles. Eclectic synergies which have led to the creation of complex projects, distinguished by a rigorous simplicity, pure silhouettes and different materials. A host of collaborations, which in many cases have led to the creation of symbolic products such as the Big Table, the Peanut sofa, Pierrot King or the Squaring bed and new products, from the Octa table to the Contrast Bed. This international approach to design has won Bonaldo a large number of awards, assigned by cultural bodies and industry associations, including the Red Dot Design Award and the If Design Award. The projects by two emerging young designers are to be presented at the 2013 Salone del Mobile furniture show: the Kadou coat stand and the Muffin coffee table by the Japanese Ryosuke Fukusada and the Orion coffee table by the Singaporean by adoption Jarrod Lim.

2013 The Octa table, Bartoli Design, receives the Good Design Award
2013 The Welded table by Alain Gilles receives the Red Dot Design Award: “Best of the best” as one of the best design products
2013 The Still table, Bartoli Design, receives the Red Dot Design Award
2013 The Still table, Bartoli Design, receives the 2012 Good Design Award by the Chicago Athenaeum
2011 Bonaldo receives its tenth Good Design Award for the company showroom project
2010 Three products – Babel by Mario Mazzer, Pebble by Matthias Demacker and Sol by Bartoli Design, win the Good Design Award 2010
2010 The American magazine Interior Design nominates the Pebble coffee table, design Matthias Demacker, Best of the Year 2010 honoree
2009 The Big Table, designed by Alain Gilles, wins the Good Design Award 2009
2008 The Poly chair, by Karim Rashid, is assigned the Good Design Award
2008 The Poly chair, by Karim Rashid, is assigned the Red Dot Design Award
2008 The Tectonic table, designed by Alain Gilles, is awarded the Henry van de Velde Label
2007 The Poly chair, designed by Karim Rashid, is assigned the Best Design Award
2005 The Flap table, designed by Karim Rashid, wins the Good Design Award
2004 The Pierrot sofa by Glenn Thomas is assigned the Good Design Award
2003 The Ron-AldoDown armchair, designed by Ron Arad, is given the iF Design Award
2002 The Ori chair, designed by Toshiyuki Kita, is assigned the Good Design Award
2000 The H2O table by Massimo Iosa Ghini is assigned the Good Design Award
1996 The Più folding chair, designed by Chiaramonte and Marin, wins the Young & Design Award

International markets pay the utmost attention to the value of products Made in Italy: fine materials, quality projects and products. Bonaldo’s approach has focused precisely on accommodating these needs: over the years, the company has developed its international approach to design, setting up a widespread network across the world markets. The many awards received have no doubt reinforced the popularity of the brand and of its products on international markets: one of the effects of this is its presence not only in single-brand outlets but in dedicated spaces. Over recent months, corners have been set up in the Philippines, in Indonesia, Canada (Montreal), Australia, New Zealand and Taiwan. In addition, Bonaldo is currently involved in some new projects in Central America. In terms of sales volumes, overseas sales grow year after year: making up 70% of total sales in 2013.

In 2011, following a major architectural and creative restyling process of the corporate history, one of the former production units was turned into the new company showroom, spanning a surface area of approximately 6,000 m2. Designed by Mauro Lipparini, the showroom is a thrilling and suggestive setting, intended also for cultural and communication events, which tells the story of the brand from its onset. The showroom entrance is distinguished by a path made of iridescent stones from China: in low temperatures their surfaces modify to create attractive floral veining, all of which is different. Inside the showroom, two charming winter gardens have been set up to provide visual respite, light and colour. In 2011, the showroom project was awarded the prestigious “Good Design Award” by the Chicago Athenaeum.

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