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As well as our own hand-crafted furniture designed and made in Adelaide, Transforma are proud to showcase a selection of some of the worlds most highly regarded furniture brands. Exclusively European, our stable of brands ensures you have the selection of some of the world’s finest home furnishings available. Please read below, and click on the company logos to learn more about Transforma’s brands:

Hulsta FurnitureSince humble beginnings in 1940, Hulsta has grown to become Europe’s most well known furniture brand. Made in Germany, Hulsta stands for quality, beauty, and custom made excellence.
Rolf Benz SofasFor 50 years, Rolf Benz has been enticing people to dream, to dose, to relax, put their feet up, stretch out, collect their thoughts, relax, chill out, ruminate, snuggle, take time out, order their thoughts, or simply take a nap… However you want to put it: It is only on our sofa that we shed the stress of the day, feel at home with ourselves and really slow down. Some say they are the most desirable sofas made since humans discovered the sheer physical pleasure of sitting back and relaxing.
Fast Aluminium FurnitureFounded more than fifty years ago in Italy, Fast has grown to become one of the worlds most notable outdoor furniture manufacturers. Specialising in high quality, all weather aluminium production, Fast is regarded as the ultimate design statement in outdoor furniture.
Arthur G Lounge FurnitureArthur G has spent the last 30 years building a sofa brand associated with quality, style and innovation. Arthur G concentrate on local workmanship, with every Arthur G sofa being designed and manufactured in Australia.
Bonaldo Italian Furniture80 years all Italian. Bonaldo products are created in Italy. Designed by the best designers, they are then made by our team of experts. A production process that has been perfected over time, keeping its original values intact: creativity, quality and innovation. An authentic Italian product. Truly.
Rolf Benz FreistilRolf Benz’s introductory price level brand. Freistil by Rolf Benz features all of the attention to detail that you have come to expect from Rolf Benz, but with simplified product options to provide an affordable price level for a premium product.
Hulsta Furniture Nownow! by hülsta was launched in 1994 and is the youngest member of the hülsta family. now! by hülsta products feature a lower entry price than that of the Hulsta parent brand – but without compromise high quality with beauty and practicality of design.
cane-line-logoDenmark’s most famous furniture brand, Cane-line is a style-leader in outdoor furniture. Specialising in Danish-designed outdoor furniture made from Teak, aluminium, steel and woven materials. Cane-line – “Life made comfortable”.

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